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  1. Space Invaders Extreme VHBL Is Here: Play Homebrew On Vita 3.15

    Submitted by Christopher Groux; Today! Just a few days ago, Wistine revealed that PSP's Space Invaders Extreme could be used to launch VHBL on the latest Sony official Vita firmware. Since then the game has been removed from the EU PlayStation Store, and scene developer qwikrazor87 is finally...
  2. EU Vita Owners: Space Invaders Extreme Is A 3.15 VHBL Exploit

    Submitted by Christopher Groux; Today! Wololo has been hyping another VHBL exploit for some time now, and today it's finally here. As long as you have an account for the EU/AUS PSN, be sure to pick up Space Invaders Extreme. With it, users on 3.15 firmware will soon be able to run a decent...
  3. MyStylist VHBL Available Now: Homebrew On PS Vita 3.15

    Last week it was revealed that Japan's MyStylist PSP game could be used to launch a select collection of homebrew on PlayStation Vita. While enthusiastic scene members headed to the JP PSN to get their game, the actual VHBL build required to launch unofficial content had yet to be released. That...